Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Italy Coast to Coast - One interesting day

Have you ever made such good plans that you could execute them without looking back at the plans?  Well, we thought that was the case with this trip until this morning.  We were scheduled to be in Venice through today and leave tomorrow for Tuscany.  So yesterday, finished up everything we wanted to do in Venice and packed up.  We locked the apartment up, leaving the key inside as instructed, and went to the car rental place.  When we got there the man informed us that our rental wasn't until tomorrow.  We checked and sure enough, we left a day early.  We could have gone back, but it was hot and it was quite a hike with about 120 lbs of luggage.  So we decided to lose the money for a night in the apartment and go somewhere.  We settled on Elba, which we had scratched from our list.  On the way, we had severe navigation equipment failure and lost about an hour due to one missed turn.  The Tom Tom lost signal due to the 400 or so tunnels we must have gone through on the autostrade.  Then my phone went totally dead and wouldn't charge until we were on the ferry to Elba.  So, by 7 PM we were in a hotel in Elba.  It's quite a nice little island. We hope to enjoy the beach in the morning then head back into Tuscany back on schedule.  Overall, today was quite costly. 

$150 for the apartment
$100 extra car rental day
$15 McDonalds food (so refreshing!)
$125 ferry round trip to Elba
$170 cheap hotel
Italy coast to coast with my best friend and awesome navigator, Priceless!

Well, Megan's asleep and I'm trying to upload a few pics to Picasa for a taste.  The internet is 5 euros for 2 hours, so I'm trying to optimize. We probably won't have internet again for a few days, at least that's what we expect.


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