Monday, June 21, 2010

Lessons learned from yesterday

A) Wake up earlier to see and do more things
B) Coq au Vin is amazing!! Must learn how to make that at home, the menu said Rooster and red wine, can I get rooster at home, or will chicken do just fine?
C) Monet is brillant, his ability to paint light reflecting off the water is why he is a master painter, and his gardens are beautiful. Must transform our backyard one day into beautiful garden.
D) Chantilly creme is ohh la la yummy!
E) Never ever, ever sacrifice not getting a dessert to get a cheese plate, it was nice to try once to say we did, but I wish I would have gotten something chocolate instead!
F) If you are an under 25 hipster and it's a Sunday night in the summer, obviously you must head to a ancient 19th century church with your 12 pack of heinkein and sit on the steps and drink and talk with your friends. Need to use the bathroom, no problem, just walk to the west steps and go and pee off the top of the steps, no restroom needed!

The day was fabulous, with great views of the Eiffel Tower!!

Madame Gross


  1. My lady,

    Chicken does just fine as far as we're concerned. Jen has a couple of recipies...

    Under 25, really? Maybe more mental age than physical. Also, not sure that's Heineken you smell walking down the Champ de Mars at night...

    BTW -- we're very jealous... So glad you're having a great trip!


  2. 1) Did you pee? You aren't quite under 25...

    2) The sweet cheese dessert @ Chez Nous this Valentine's was excellent, but I generally would resist any other stinky cheese...