Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Medication in Europe

I've been a bit sick with allergies and cough lately. This morning I needed an asthma inhaler and cough medicine. I don't have my prescription for my inhaler with me though. We went to the local pharmacy and asked for cough medicine. I got dextromethorphan cough drops. I asked for an inhaler and she asked if I was a doctor. I said no. She gave me a ventolin inhaler no problem. She rang it up and I thought she said 80 Euros which I thought was about right without insurance. When we walked out I realized it was 8 euros! Wow. I'm feeling better now and also quite ripped off by the American medical establishment. I would have had to visit a doctor for $35 then used a prescription and paid another $10-30 for the copay. What's the deal? Oh well. Just hope customs doesn't care.

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