Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Market

Yesterday, we woke up in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (still don't know how we got there).  We went to the market there.  Most of the small towns in the region have markets on a set day each week.  Vendors come in from the area and sell their goods.  Everything from fresh seasonal produce, meats, various birds (including pigeon) to cheeses, olives and tourist items like fabris, bags, and trinkets.  I think we figured it out.  The towns themselves are too small to have these items themseleves, so the vendors come in to town to sell to the locals.  Since the markets are a draw for tourists, they are a draw for vendors who cater to tourists.  So, as you walk through the market, you see a neat mix of locals and tourists.  Yesterday, I was able to make a sandwich with the items we found in the market.  There was a buther selling rotisserie items.  I noticed that he had a few steaks sitting there looking rather juicy.  I went to the baker in the booth next door and bought a few slices of bread.  I went back to the butcher and he put the steak on the bread.  Then I went to the cheese lady and got some roquefort cheese.  Voila!  I had a cheesy steak sandwich. 

We are leaving from Nice to Italy now, so I will post more later.


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