Monday, June 28, 2010

Still Trekking

June 28, 2010

We have been on the go every day since we hit Europe and haven't really taken the time to sit and record our adventures. We've thought about it on the train, but we get distracted by the scenery. We've thought about it in the evenings, but if we are awake, we want to be experiencing Europe. Anyway, here's a bit more about our journey. It's 9 am in Venice, Italy on Monday June 28. We overslept a bit I guess, but its vacation, so that doesn't matter. Today is the 10th day of our adventure. Here's some of what has happened.

First, we don't have internet access at our new apartment in Venice and didn't have it in Vernazza and don't expect it at our next stop in Tuscany either. My phone has very intermittent service and Megan's phone would cost a fortune if we tried to use it. I've tried using my phone as a modem on my laptop, but that hasn't worked either. So, we are off the grid, which isn't that bad. We are just blogging offline and posting via phone as we get service (sorry no pics).

On Saturday, we explored Montorosso and Vernazza. We even went swimming in the harbor in Vernazza. It was quite chilly. Montorosso is the largest of the 5 lands in Cinque Terre and is spread out. It also has the best beach of the area. As a result, the train is constantly dumping loads of people out there. We were somewhat sad that we didn't bring out swimsuits over on the train on our visit, since the beach was so inviting. We ended up strolling though the shops and got pizzas. Megan is tired of pizza already and I'm just getting warmed up. After our tour, we went back to Vernazza for a swim. I got goggles and was able to see the fish in the clear water. It was very refreshing.

While we were swimming, we met a nice couple from Colorado. We talked to them for a bit then had afternoon coffee while overlooking the harbor. For dinner, we ate at a really nice little place in the main square on the harbor. We discovered a new potato pasta called Trofie in a pesto sauce and I tried fresh anchovies for the first time (one of my goals for the trip). They filleted and served on a layer of thin potatoes and topped with tomatoes. I was impressed at the lack of fishiness, but I did get poked by a few fins, which made it more difficult to continue eating them. I must say, they weren't bad at all. At dinner, we met a wonderful couple, Matt and Louise (Lou), from Australia. We talked for a few hours about all sort of stuff. It was neat to talk to foreigners and get their perspective on things. We should have gotten their contact info!!

The next morning, yesterday, we got up and got on a train to Venice. This trip was much nicer than the one from France to Vernazza. We rode in first class the whole way. The countryside was amazing. I think we were riding along the foothills of the Alps. We made it to our apartment but were totally lost. Venice it just a series of allys and canals. We just started walking and made it to St. Marks Square. Then we had dinner along the Grande Canal. I must say that my first impressions of Venice aren't that great. There are tons of people, lots of boat traffic and everyone is trying to take your money. At dinner, we had to pay 4 euros for water and my 15 euro ravioli had 6 raviolis. I just felt scammed. Maybe I was just tired.

Anyway, today is a new day. We are up and heading out to see the city. I think that our first stop is Murano where they have been making glass since the 1200's. We've seen some glass in the shops and it's quite impressive. Can't wait!


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