Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're not in Texas anymore...

We made it to Paris!! The nine hour plane ride wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Once I threw vanity to the wind and covered my head with a blanket I was finally able to sleep for about two hours with the occasional baby crying waking me up, Adam on the other hand had the aisle seat and didn't sleep at all! We were able to see an amazing sunset over the coast of Maine/East Canada, yes we stayed over land until the very last second traveling up the US through Ohio, New York, and Maine.

I'm increasingly convinced that this massive planet that we live on is smaller than we think...while standing in line about to go through Paris customs, I saw a family ahead of us that looked really familiar, I finally asked the mom "Are you Linda Parham?", this was a family we went to church with in Louisiana, to which she said yes, and we then exchanged stories about what was going on in each others lives. (Mom: Seth is in Med school at LSU, and I don't know what Ryan is doing) they were on vacation for 10 days. Small world!!

So today's intinary included the Louvre, Notre Dame, Siene River cruise, and seeing some of the most amazing stain glass windows in Paris at Sainte -Chapelle. In the Louvre, I was more impressed with the ceilings and architexture than the actual art itself. Yes we saw the Mona Lisa, who was amazing, and brighter than I expected, but the detail of the ceilings and the carvings were unbelievable. The whole building is so opulent, and the time it must have taken to complete the building itself must have taking years, decades! We naviagated the metro, after a little easedropping over some other tourists shoulders, and I became increasingly less concerned about my own personal hygiene, having not had a shower or brushed my teeth in 30 hours, after riding on the train!

After our feet were suffiently tired, my back was screaming to lay down, and I could no longer keep my eyes open, we made it back to our beautiful, but small apartment in Montmarte. We took a nap for about two hours then had a late dinner at a nearby cafe. Sharing a liter of merlot, people watching, and eating the best creme brulee Adam has ever had made the perfect ending, to our first day in Paris!!

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a little warmer so we can enjoy Monet's Gardens and Versailles!


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