Monday, July 5, 2010


July 1, 2010

After our rather interesting day leaving Venice a day early, we headed to Elba. Wow! It was totally worth the trip. We found a hotel on the north side of the island that had beach access. This beach was sandy. Apparently, the island has a whole lot of beaches and each of them vary quite a bit, from white sand to large pebbles. The next morning, we went swimming for a little while then we drove around the island, which is not very large. The center of the island is mountainous, so the drive was very curvy and Megan was getting sick as I imagined I was a racecar driver. We had a great time on Elba and wished we could have stayed longer. It was very beautiful and tropical. It seemed like the secret spot the locals don’t tell the tourists about. We certainly didn’t see any tour buses and I don’t think we ran into any Americans. It was kinda nice. We finally found a place off the beaten path.


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