Monday, July 5, 2010

Euro Culture, Fashion, and Accents

So I've noticed over the last few weeks some of the interesting fashions the europeans are wearing and thought I would share. To look like a European you must have the following: gladiator sandles, drop crotch knit pants, leggings, big scarf, and large sunglasses. Now I can get behind the gladiator sandes, scarves and sunglasses but really, drop crotch pants?? These look horrible and I don't understand the appeal, unless it is for added airflow to cool one's self down in the summer, these are quiet possibly the most unflattering thing I have seen. Tom's shoes have also been the rage, although I can't imagine walking around all of Rome in them, they are pretty cool.  I suspect it's number 197 on the Stuff white people like list. The coolest ones I saw were the red and white stripe worn by a guy at the Palio with cigarette jeans and a white tshirt. I'll have to look into these when I get back to the States.

Also to be European you must always have a cigarette dangling between your lips. The smoking here is out of control! There is no anti-smoking campaign going on here or even an awareness of others around you when they decide to light up. I was sitting next to the previously mentioned Red stripe Tom's guy in the Il Campo waiting for the Palio for 3 hours, and practically smoked the cigarette myself from all the secondhand business. I even had his ashes land on me at one point! The truth campaign needs to go global!

One last of my favorite parts of this trip is meeting new people from around the world. Most travelers have been extremely friendly and love swapping travel stories and tips. Just this morning we learned how to spot good leather, and Adam informed some people on how to kill flies. It's also cool to listen to the accents. I am in love with Irish and Australian accents! They are so cool and I could listen to these people talk all day. We had breakfast this morning with an Irish couple who were on their honeymoon, and Adam and I both found ourselves morphing into Irish accents during the conversation and later on in the day. It took us a while to understand the phrase "thermal spas" there is no Th- in irish, just the T sound. We also had a long conversation about ancestry which made me want to look into my own family history and see where it leads.

That's it for now. Only 4 days left...we leave for Rome tomorrow morning.

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